We entertain any reasonable and special quantity request for personalized orders and colours. Price for such orders commensurate with the prevailing raw material cost at that point in time. “TECHPLAS” quality products are user-friendly, practical, durable and affordable.

Being a Market leader in quality plastic Sanitary and Plumbing products, PISB takes great pride in being a leading supplier of OEM items to leading Ceramic Ware Manufacturers in Malaysia and Singapore.

As plastic sanitary products in the building industry are ever so competitive, we are exploring the viability of diversifying into non-sanitary products to capitalize and explore the improving economic climate of Malaysia and overseas market. Continuous expansion, product development and improvement can be achieved by being committed, innovative and attentive to market needs and demands.

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  • Premium Seat Cover Thick And Strong
  • Materials: Polypropylene
  • Suitable For Standard Toilet Seat
  • Except For Square And Custome Made Size
  • Made In Malaysia
  • Premium Thick Plate With Soft Close Feature
  • Materials: Polypropylene
  • Less Noise And Comfort Seating
  • Comes With Full Set Of Fittings