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Spare Parts
Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Wear and tears are normal. Instead of changing the whole bathroom fitting, save time and money by replacing just its spare parts.

WC seat covers are commonly changed for hygiene and maintenance purposes. There are polypropylene (PP) and Urea-Formaldehyde (UF) material options to fit your budget and preference. Seat cover hinges are also replaceable if the seat cover is no longer able to be secured well to the bowl. Fix specific issues by replacing specific parts. Restore flushing functionality to its optimum performance with a cistern fitting, push button, trip lever, flapper, or piston valve.

Old leaky faucets are usually due for a change of cartridge. There are also additional parts such as nozzle, aerators, washers, spuds, rings, adapter, extension piece, and sensor accessories.

Depending on the model of your bathroom fittings, there is selection of original brands and optional spare part brands. That includes Akron, Evans, Flush Master, Johnson Suisse, Kohler, MD, Roca, Toto and more.

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