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Johnson Suisse is leading bathroom solution provider in Malaysia. At Johnson suisse, we are more than bathroom solution. We're tools that people use to enhance their life. A shower is more than a water outlet. It washes more than just our bodies. but out mind and souls as well.  Our product are made from durable, scratch-resistant and are polished with high quality glaze, which carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. With proper maintenance, you can be assured that your bathroom will retain its clean and sparkling functionality for generations and its presence locally and internationally.  Johnson Suisse is more than a bathroom solution provider. Its's a space, its an idea, it's an activity. it's the new lifestyle - It's bathroom redefined.

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  • Dimensions:
  • Length:

    480 mm.
  • Width:

    370 mm.
  • Height:

    62 mm.