Aquarius Membrane Outdoor Filter - ARMF-S/S
Aquarius Membrane Outdoor Filter - ARMF-S/S
RM1,988.00 RM2,170.00
Aquarius Membrane Outdoor Filter - ARMF-S/S
Price RM1,988.00 RM2,170.00
Product SKU ARMF-S/S
Brand Aquasolar
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Maximum Casing Pressure 8 Bar
Nominal Operating Pressure 1-5 Bar
Flow Rate 3000 Litre/Hour
Membrana Material PS ( Polysulfone )
Membrana Type Hydrophilic Double Skin
Membrana Pore Size 0.01 Micron
Number of Hollow Fibre 2500 pcs
Dimension of Membrane Module Dia 5 in X L 850 mm
Carton Box Size (w)970mm X (H)200mm X (D)200mm
Gross Weight 16kg
End Cap 16kg
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • The user can freely set the program with you want, 16 programs available.
  • Never worry about the plant when you are away on official business.
  • LCD display can control the watering situation and the standard time.
  • With solar panel design , can absorb the solar energy as power supply.
  • Sealing clear cover can protect the LCD screen from rainwater.
  • Stainless filter net prevent if from blocking.
  • A good irrigation helper for watering plants at balcony, home and garden.
  • The water purifier is a water supply system for domestic households pre-rough filtration device, the water purifier is generally installed in the water system inlet. Its powerful filtering function can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of the drinking water system to protect the safety and cleanliness of the downstream pipeline and equipment of the water supply system. The water purifier has compact structure and convenient operation, and can be installed in a small space
  • Transparent high-strength protective cover, allowing users to view the work of the water purifier at any time, and can clearly see whether the external coarse particles impurities are water machine block, the maintenance of the machine washing process at a glance
  • SUS316 filter selection of special stainless steel, easy cleaning, durable
  • Adequate water pressure adjustment function, can effectively solve the special circumstances of high water pressure or water pressure instability on the home water supply lines and damage caused by water equipment
  • Patent maintenance, washing, drainage structure, can be effectively removed by the water blocking the impurities


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